Travel Allowances

Travel Allowances

During business trips for your company in Belgium, you can receive a fixed meal allowance. This allowance, set at €19.99 per day, has been in effect since December 1, 2022, and covers meals taken during trips lasting six hours or more.

If your company pays you an allowance higher than this fixed amount or pays it for trips lasting less than six hours, the excess may be taxed as income (unless you provide adequate receipts).

Additionally, on days when your company already covers your actual expenses or when a client has paid for your expenses, you are not eligible for the daily allowance.

You always have the option to choose reimbursement for actual expenses by providing receipts.

If you share a meal with a client and pay for it yourself, the company can reimburse this expense, but it must choose between the fixed allowance and reimbursement of actual expenses for each trip.