Vehicles and Taxation 2023

Vehicles and Taxation 2023

As of January 1, 2023, new “genuine” hybrid vehicles (not “fake hybrids”) are subject to a maximum deduction that reduces from 100% to 50% on fossil fuel expenses.

Starting from July 1, 2023, new “genuine” hybrid vehicles will only have a maximum deduction of 100% until December 31, 2024, gradually decreasing each year until it disappears by December 31, 2027.

From July 1, 2023, new vehicles with internal combustion engines will undergo a progressive reduction of 25% per year in the formula result related to CO2 emissions, also disappearing by December 31, 2027.

New 100% electric vehicles will benefit from a fixed tax deduction throughout their lifespan:

  • 95% if purchased in 2027;
  • 90% if purchased in 2028;
  • 82.5% if purchased in 2029;
  • 75% if purchased in 2030;
  • 67.5% if purchased in 2031.

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