Company bicycle

Company bicycle

Acquiring a bicycle through your company could be a fiscally advantageous option. Expenses related to purchasing a bicycle, such as depreciation, the costs of a bike shelter, maintenance, and purchasing a lock, are generally 100% deductible. This deduction applies to all types of bicycles, including electric bikes and speed pedelecs.

Regarding depreciation, since January 1, 2020, the depreciation period is at your discretion, although previously a minimum of three years was required. For the first year, depreciation must be calculated pro rata temporis based on the number of days remaining in the accounting year from the purchase date.

The VAT related to the purchase and expenses of the bicycle is recoverable only if the bicycle is used strictly for professional travel. If the bicycle is used for commuting or private purposes, the VAT is not recoverable.

From a fiscal perspective for the user (employee or yourself), using the bicycle for commuting does not result in a taxable benefit in kind (BIK), even if the bicycle is also used privately. However, if the bicycle is not regularly used for commuting, a BIK based on the real value of private use could be taxable.

Additionally, your company can offer a tax-exempt bicycle allowance of up to €0.35/km for commuting, with an annual limit of €3,500 starting from 2024. This allowance is also 100% deductible for the company.

In summary, a company bicycle offers tax benefits for both the company and the user, particularly when used for commuting.

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