Electric Car and Taxation

Electric Car and Taxation

Expenses related to the purchase of an electric car, including a charging station and the consumed electricity, are 100% deductible.

However, the investment deduction does not apply to electric cars, but it may apply to the charging station if it is used solely for business purposes.

The taxable benefit in kind (ATN) of an electric car is calculated based on its catalog value and a depreciation correction. For the year 2024, the minimum ATN is €1,600.

The VAT rate for an electric car is 21%, and it also applies to the purchase and installation of a charging station.

The recoverable VAT for a car is limited to 50%, but it is fully recoverable for a charging station used for business purposes.

In Flanders, electric cars are exempt from company car tax (TMC) and road tax.

In Wallonia and Brussels, minimum rates apply.

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