Employee Training

Employee Training

The employment pact ‘Pacte pour l’emploi’ (in French) establishes an individual right to training, and if your company employs at least 20 workers, you must provide five days of training per year per employee since 2024.

For companies with 10 to 20 employees, the right to training is one day per year per worker.

Each sector must develop its own growth path to comply with this obligation. For example, CP 200 provides for a right to three days of individual training from 2024, four days from 2026, and five days from 2028 for companies with more than 20 workers.

Employers must provide opportunities for employees to attend these trainings, whether formal or informal, on-site or organized by third parties. A training plan is required for companies with at least 20 employees.

Control via the Federal Learning Account will be implemented from April 1, 2024.

Workers are free to choose whether or not to undergo training unless training is deemed necessary to maintain the quality of work.

Possible sanctions, if specified in a sectoral collective bargaining agreement, can range up to a fine of €80 to €800 per observed violation per worker.

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