Early Retirement

Early Retirement

You can start receiving your pension at the legal age, currently set at 65 (66 from 2025 and 67 from 2030).

Opting for early retirement is possible from the age of 63, provided you have a career of 42 years, with at least 104 days of full-time equivalent work per year. Early retirement is also an option at 60 (with a 44-year career) or 61 (with a 43-year career) for those with an extensive work history.

No application is necessary if you have worked as an employee and/or self-employed in Belgium and resided there for the 13 months preceding the legal pension age.

For early retirement or if you have worked in different systems, you must submit an application. This can be done online via mypension.be, at the municipal administration of your residence, or by calling 1765. The application must be submitted at least 12 months before the pension commencement date and no later than the month preceding this date.

You can assess the amount of your early and legal pension on mypension.be.

Once your file is complete, the SPF Pension will perform a detailed calculation and send you the information. If you agree, your pension will be automatically paid on the scheduled date.

If you find the pension amount insufficient and wish to continue working, inform the SPF Pension. You will receive a new decision with an adjusted amount when you decide to take your pension later.

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