Pension Reform

Pension Reform

The Belgian government has announced a pension reform aimed at making the system more financially sustainable. Measures have been taken to support the continued employment of older workers, including the introduction of a progressive bonus system for those who work beyond their anticipated retirement date.

The agreement also includes a gradual increase in the minimum pension, with specific access criteria to prevent discrimination against women. A new thematic leave will be considered as an assimilated period to better protect women from the new conditions for accessing the minimum pension.

The pension bonus, which had been removed, is being reintroduced. Workers who continue to work beyond a full career will receive a net “cash” amount for each additional year, aiming to encourage continued employment.

The retirement age will gradually be raised to 66 years in 2025 and 67 years in 2030. However, certain workers with a full career will still be able to claim a pension before the legal retirement age.

Two elements have been adjusted: the pension equalization for civil servants in the first pillar and an increase in the Wijninckx contribution in the second pillar.

This reform meets the criteria required by the European Commission to unlock funds from the recovery plan. According to the Pensions Minister, this system is less costly.

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